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Colaboración de Karl Isenborghs (Bélgica) EOD Technical Intelligence & Documentation Branch
EOD Unit
Is no longer in service. Only EOD qualified personnel is allowed to weare this badge
Mine clearance: Démineur : Ontmijningsdienst
It is worn by military personnel with a mine clearance qualification on the left sleeve by military personnel serving in a mine clearance unit and on the right sleeve by military personnel that doesn't, in which case the wearing of it is optional
The EOD badge (sleeve) exists also in an olive and black coloured version, this version is during operations abroad or military training
Porté par les démineurs. Se porte sur la manche gauche par les démineurs en service dans un centre de déminage et sur la manche droite par les militaires qui ne sont pas en service dans un centre de déminage. Dans ce dernier cas, le port est facultatif
Belgian EOD (DOVO-SEDEE) service
Worn by all the qualified EOD members
It is representing the 3 forces: Army —swords, Navy —anchor and Airforce —wings
In the center a British 230 Lbs RL bomb, the same model as used on the EOD badge (worn on the sleeve)
  Belgian navy minesweeper Belgian Air Force EOD-personnel
Worn on pocket on workdress; KOEN is his name, everybody has such a badge with his own name on it, so actually they are difficult to get. Is no longer in use, it was replaced by a new EOD badge. Since 1997 the Belgian EOD was reorganised and so Army, Airforce and Navy were put togehter what resulted in a new EOD Joint Service

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