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The assistance and support of
Balashov Ivan
Michael Schulcz A world wide Orders & Medal ribbon collection (Alemania)
Simon J. Ralph (Australia)
Olivier Vercammen, Pat Van Hoorebeke Royal Army Museum, Johan Deville, Emmanuel Halleux (Belgium)
José Luiz Silva Preiss (Brasil)
Norberto P. Traub, Jesse M. Ruiz Moreno (Chile)
Esteban Rivera Vélez (Colombia)
B. J. Thiesen (Denmark)
Roberto Evertsz (Dominican Republic)
Carlos Lozano, José Luis Arellano, Juan Fandos, José Manuel Sánchez (Spain)
Daniel Krause (Germany)
dr. Szentváry-Lukács János Magyarországi Rendjelek és Kitüntetések (Hungary)
Rene Verkuijlen, Jan van Eijden, Erik Müller Dutch Medals (Netherlands)
John McMeekin (Ireland)
Andrew Scoulas
Mike Smith MSM Awards, Bruce E. Dorsey, Mark Brewer (New Zealand)
Miguel Silva Machado, Rui Santos Vargas (Portugal)
Manuel L. Quezon III (Philippines)
Lukasz Gaszewski (Poland)
Alphonsus Chern, Lee Kok Tong (Singapore)
Megan C. Robertson Image Collection, Dave Parsons (United Kingdom)
Christopher Buyers The Royal Ark, Royal and Ruling Houses of Africa, Asia and the Americas
Edward Emering The Emering Companies, Ed Haynes (USA)
has been particularly outstanding; and so has that of all those good people who have written about this fascinating topic and so enabled me to gather the knowledge on which this image collection is based.

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